Wednesday 20th September 2006

So now I’m worried. I was talking to one of the other dogs about the fact that I was going to England later in the year. If I am being honest it might be fair to say I was boasting just a tiny bit. He asked me how I was travelling and quite frankly I didn’t know the answer. He laughed and said if I was going by plane he hoped I didn’t bruise too easily. He was trying to get me to believe that I would be treated like a suitcase and but on the scales, probably incurring excess baggage costs, before being sent off down the conveyer belt with all the suitcases. Would they treat a dog as roughly as they treat suitcases? Do you think my mistress would really allow something like that to happen to me? More worrying is the thought of all the stories you hear where the person goes to one place and their suitcase goes somewhere else. By the time he had finished laughing at me, I was feeling all knotted up inside and worried. I sent my mistress a text message to ask how we were getting there but I am guessing with the time difference it may be a while before I get a reply. She tried to explain how the time difference thing works but it sure beats me. How can she be having breakfast when it’s past lunchtime?

I was looking at the map of where England is and wondered why the piece of water is called the ‘English Channel’. How come the English have managed to lay claim to naming it rather than the French, or for that matter the Belgians? I think we should rename it the ‘Belgian Channel’ or at least the ‘Partly Belgian Channel’.