Tuesday 19th September 2006

Well I’m back to playing with other dogs and trying to keep myself sufficiently occupied to stay out of mischief. I am also trying to keep sufficiently clean that I don’t have to have another bath when I go home.

I have been thinking about when people talk about ‘the call of the wild’. Is it really ‘The Wild’? is there definitely only one of it or should it be ‘the call of a wild’ because there is actually more than one wild? How do you know that ‘the wild’ that calls you to nip off down the road on your own is the same ‘wild’ as the one that runs ‘the jungle’? Not of course that there is only one jungle! So you see it is all very complicated.

One good thing that happened before I came away was that my mistress has booked my first trip to England. I am so excited. I have to visit the vet the day before to have worming treatment and a check up and then I am allowed to travel. Now I just need to find out all the places I ought to visit. I am sure my mistress will have some ideas of where she wants to take me but I thought I might put my own itinerary together. I am hoping some of my friends might email me some suggestions to alfie@alfiedog.me.uk I am not sure what my mistress will have to say as I will need her to be my chauffeur but it is probably the least a favoured  pet can expect!