Saturday 16th September 2006

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought when you paint something the idea is to get the paint on the thing being painted. I’m clearly wrong unless my mistress was intending to paint her hands, arm, leg, trousers and foot and was only using the bench as an incidental prop. I thought about going up to her and pointing to her elbow and saying you’ve missed a bit but I thought better of it.

So the moles are still going strong and I am worried they are going to take over whilst I am away. It was odd really the ‘Mole Man’ came and took away a couple of the traps. I can only assume he has another mole problem somewhere else and needs them there but it certainly isn’t because we don’t need them.

It’s my turn to cook tonight. I thought I would grill some of the meat out of the freezer but there seems to be a small problem. When it was frozen there were eight pieces of meat in the container and now there just seems to be one frozen lump. I tried bashing it against the work surface to see if I could break off the number of pieces we needed. I tried to separate it using a knife. I thought about getting a hammer out of the garage but my master said he drew the line at his tools being used for something like that, he didn’t want them damaged. I offered to eat all the spare ones but my mistress wasn’t so keen on that idea so I guess I will have to find something else to cook and we will only be able to have those when we really want to eat them for several consecutive days.

When we last went to the airport I noticed that instead of saying ‘departures’ and ‘arrivals’ on the signs for the ‘pick up’ and ‘set down’ parking (or ‘kiss and fly’ as it prefers to be known in Nice) they have pictures of aeroplanes either going up or coming down. I presume they must think this makes it obvious in any language but as my mistress pointed out if you are departing you want an aeroplane that has just landed. I am not sure how she gets to the aeroplane ‘going up’ for the arrivals though!