Friday 15th September 2006

The weather really has been so lovely. I thought autumn was cooler than summer. When I read about the seasons I thought it said summer was warmest and winter was coolest with spring and autumn somewhere in between. I can only go on the experience I am having, this being my first year but it doesn’t seem to work the way the book said. That is unless this is another of those Belgian things. It could be a bit like shops being open on days you expect them to be closed and closed at times they say they are open and with bank holidays in the middle of the week with bridge days that no one can tell you whether they are actually a holiday or not.

You have to worry about women really. We walked the whole length of the High Street where we live looking for a jacket. I don’t mean that someone had lost a jacket, nothing as obvious as that. Oh no, I mean that Helen wants a jacket for her birthday and my mistress had to go and try and work out which one. Now if my mistress had got the hang of this ‘shopping with a teenager’ thing a bit better she might have realised when they were in the shop a couple of weeks ago that she ought to take in what the name of the shop, was for future reference but at that point she had no idea she would have to go back to it. It was only after the event that Helen said she would like it for her birthday, by that time it was too late to take her back so my mistress had to go it alone. She really isn’t a shopper at the best of times but for my mistress to have to go into a shop to ask if she can buy a jacket and then take it back next week, and get her money back, if she had bought the wrong one and by the way in the meantime she is flying it to England to be tried on, and all in a language that isn’t the first language of the poor shop assistant. Well all in all it seemed to me quite a lot to ask. We did find the jacket but in a crisis of confidence my mistress decided to wait and describe it to Helen before buying it, to try to make sure it was the right one. No sense of adventure.