Thursday 14th September 2006

The saga of the wishing well continues. Two parts of the three have now been transported to Belgium and are in the garden, so far so good. They have been filled with water and within two days ‘things’ have started to grow. Odd things, I prefer to describe it as ‘primordial gloop’. I know gloop is not a real word but it does describe it rather well. They are odd white creatures with long tails and seem to have appeared from nowhere. If that is what can grow in two days I would give it a couple of weeks to have gone through several stages of evolution. I am fully expecting them to be walking out on two legs, the week after next, and I’m worried. This could mean a whole change in world order as we know it. Maybe being ‘man’s best friend’ I am backing the wrong horse, so to speak!

I might have had a small nibble at the mole man as well. Not so as you would notice but if a strange man is going to let himself in through the back gate of my garden I am entitled to take a closer look. Or closer sniff, bounce, or nibble as I see fit. I didn’t do any real harm and it is good that he knows I live here and he visits on my terms and am I really to blame for just how exciting he smells?

I heard from my sister Esther this week apparently she got to go to a dog show and the judges thought she was very good looking. I felt so proud of her. I wondered whether they would think I was good looking too.

The best thing about going for walks at the moment is all the acorns. It’s a constant feast if only my mistress will give me a long enough opportunity to stop and eat them. I have suggested that she takes the rucksack with her to gather them all up and bring them home to eat at my leisure but for some reason she isn’t keen. It wouldn’t be that much for her to carry, acorns are fairly small, a few thousand of them would do.