Wednesday 13th September 2006

This time my mistress has gone too far. She made me listen to a story she has written for a competition and it turned out to be a real tear jerker. Ok so it had a happy ending but that was part of what made you cry, she could have warned me so that I had had a tissue handy, I do so hate it when I get my fur all wet.

Ok, I admit it, I knocked the flowers over. In my defence they were dead already and it wasn’t being out of water that dealt the final blow. This is what happens if you put them in the fireplace and I wag my tail. There is a lot of tail to wag, accidents are, on occasions, going to happen and it was just one of those times. I am however passing the blame onto my master. He put me to bed last night. How does that make it his fault? Well my room has two doors and he put me to bed and went out of and closed ‘one’ of the doors. He left the other one wide open. So I had a bit of a wander round in the dark and to be honest I just didn’t see it. All things considered I was very good, I stayed downstairs and only went and knocked on my master and mistress’s door when it really was time for breakfast and I was hungry.

Well there are only two months to go to my birthday and I have started to compile a list of the things I would like for presents. Everyone else seems to so I presume I am supposed to do it as well. I would like a new Miffy. I want one of the ones with a little ‘comforter’ attached that is all soft and cuddly. I would really like a new frisby too and maybe a rope. I thought I was going to England for my birthday but as I can’t travel until after that my mistress will have to go without me. By my reckoning that means she won’t see me on my birthday and I am really not happy about that, I presume she will remember to make me a cake and leave my presents ready.