Friday 8th September 2006

It’s great isn’t it. Now the children have gone back the weather is nice again. When they were here, all it did was rain. Still, ironically, we still can’t go in the pool as it is being repaired. Now if you are laying new slabs, you would think you would count how many you needed at the start of the job. You would also like to think that if you broke a few in taking the old ones up that you could work out the ones you had left were not going to meet in the middle when you put them back down! Surprisingly enough, when they did put them back down the ‘slab fairy’ had not been with a special delivery to magically make it all fit and yes it was going to be necessary for the people doing it to order some more. Frustratingly when you don’t speak much of the same language as the people doing some work for you, it is very hard to get cross with them! But then, this is Belgium and everyone seems to smile and shrug and regard such inconveniences as inevitable.

This whole ‘training the dog’ thing is going too far. Now it seems I have to learn to sit quietly at meal times and not beg. For once I want my master to say ‘he’s only a dog’. Yes, I’m a dog, and what do dogs do when there is food around? They beg! This sit quietly stuff is for budgies or cats or even hamsters, but I’m a dog and we expect to beg. I am now nearly 10 months old, so in human terms that makes me nearly 6. I’m past the tantrum stage (theoretically – although judging by my mistress you are allowed to never completely get past them!) I’m going to have to wait to be a teenager to completely rebel. I guess I shall just have to learn to be a good doggie for another year and then I can break out. I’m thinking of shaving my head and having my ear pierced, that will dampen the ‘cute’ image! Behind this soft exterior there is a fully developed ‘bad dog’ just waiting to break out. In the meantime I will just lie quietly by my mistress’s side and plan my campaign.