Thursday 7th September 2006

There was an exciting bit about going to the vet. My mistress talked to him about when I can travel to England. It seems a trip is being planned so that I can meet the rest of my human family and a few of my mistress’s friends. I’m meeting my grandparents on my mistress’s side in a few weeks because they are coming to see me and I have already met the ones on my master’s side a couple of times. I have asked if I can go and meet Aunty Miskin the cat but in general that is thought less of a good idea. I have a cousin who is a Collie and I think I will be allowed to go and play with him. It really is very exciting. The only disappointment is that I can’t travel quite as soon as she had thought and so she will have to change all her plans to accommodate me. It made me feel quite important that someone would plan their life around me.

My master is away at the moment which seems to be an excuse for my mistress to spend the whole evening playing on the Playstation. “Get a life” I said to her. “You could at least come downstairs and watch a movie with me.” I do find the games she is playing very confusing to keep track of. Who is this Harry Potter anyway? Quite apart from that I had forgotten how boring my mistress can be. There is me saying lets go out and play and there she is wanting to sit behind a desk all day writing. I kept going and tapping her and saying it was sunny outside and she just left the back door open so I could go out when I wanted to. That really wasn’t the point I was making. At least now some of the leaves have fallen off the hedge I can watch the world go by that little bit more easily. I had almost forgotten that I used to be able to see people go by through the hedge without actually getting up, I suppose I was quite small last time there weren’t so many leaves. I’m even learning where acorns come from, they seem to drop out of the sky when I am walking in the woods. I’m guessing there is an acorn god throwing them down in a ‘feeding the birds’ sort of way.