Friday 25th August 2006

Well we are back to the arguments of who sits where for the journey home and of course how we get all the stuff in the car. Isn’t it funny how your belongings can seem to expand whilst you are away and don’t seem to fit in the suitcase on the way back? I have done my best to eat all the food I brought with me so that I have made a bit of space but no one seems to be showing much gratitude for my efforts. I am going to miss having a bit of extra time with my mistress. It has been great. I think in reality I have occasionally provided her with the perfect excuse not to join in. “Sorry I can’t come, you can’t take dogs in and I can’t leave Alfie that long in a strange place.” In reality she could leave me that long, I am a very well behaved Alfie although I would have been a bit lonely so I am quite pleased. At least I know which seat in the car I get. I wonder if I am going to be able to have the roof down on the way back? The children were talking about holidays they have had at the seaside, playing on the beach with a bucket and spade. I asked why they needed the bucket and spade and they said it was for digging big holes. Never having been on holiday at the seaside I was a bit confused by this so I took them all outside and asked them to stand back. “Did you mean like this?” I said, digging a great big hole right outside of our chalet. In the light of the fact that I got shouted at and told to clear up right away by my master and mistress, I am guessing that is not quite what they were referring to!