Thursday 24th August 2006

Lesson for self (well more lesson for my mistress really), only leave the bathroom window open when showering when you are not on the ground floor immediately next to a footpath. I don’t think she was too thrilled to get the opportunity to say good morning to a complete stranger, whilst completely naked!

Being on holiday has been good, there have been lots of new places to mark as my territory and new scents to sniff. I will however be very happy to go home. I miss having the mole hills to pee on and being allowed off my lead to run round the garden and the woods. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some freedom, but I have had to spend way too much time on a lead walking to heel. It’s really not my thing. The other problem is I never know when I will be expected to go for a walk next. I can be sitting there, quietly chewing my bone, when all of a sudden one of the children will decide I need to go for a walk. Do they really think my bladder is so weak that I have to go to the toilet every twenty minutes? I’m a dog, I can wait for hours if there is nothing decent to pee on!