Saturday 26th August 2006

I am so happy to be home. I have been out and marked all my normal spots to make sure friends and enemies alike know I’m here. I have also done the obligatory ‘running round like a mad thing’ and checked my bowl is in the normal place. My master and mistress seem to be pleased to be home too. Well my master is taking his parents back to the airport today so we will be down to five humans and a dog. It is going to seem awfully quiet but I suppose Andrew and James will do their best to make up for that. The bit I don’t like is that I can’t go and get into bed with my master and mistress anymore. Now we are home they seem to think it is ok to put me back in my own room. It is not nearly so much fun. There is no one to hold my paw when I have a nightmare or to put my wet nose on when I just want to say hello. I did try suggesting to my mistress that she could always come down and share with me but for reasons I don’t understand she did not seem keen.

What was nice in coming back from holiday is that there was even some post for me. Chloe had sent me a photograph of herself to make sure I didn’t forget her. How could I forget her? I am going to put her picture under my pillow so that I can get it out when I want to think about her. I wonder if I will be able to see her again soon.