Wednesday 9th August 2006

I had almost forgotten just how wonderful marzipan is. My mistress hasn’t had any for a few weeks so I had forgotten what a simple pleasure it is. I can beg so beautifully when there is something worthwhile at stake. I can put my head on one side, raise a paw even tap you very gently, just tell me what I have to do to get the marzipan and I will do it!

James and my mistress have finished painting the room for his Helen. It is definitely pink! Although my mistress is now trying to paint some black rabbits on the walls. I want to chase the rabbits but my mistress says they are not that sort of rabbit. I just said “ok right” but to be honest I had no idea what she was talking about and being told I can’t chase a rabbit is never ok.

Well I asked James about the whole holiday thing and frankly I came away with the impression that if you really want to get to the bottom of something then asking a 10 year old boy who isn’t sure which day of the week it is, may not be the best way of getting a sensible reply. When I asked James if he was going on holiday he said he is on holiday that is why he is here. So I said are you going anywhere else and he said he was going to his mum’s for a couple of days but then coming back. All in all I am no further forward and may just have to take a deep breath and try and ask my mistress. I really can’t leave it too long as I think it is quite soon and I need to let Chloe know what is happening. James is actually flying back tonight so I can understand why that is what he is focussing on. He is flying on his own and seems to be quite getting the hang of being an independent traveller. It really isn’t fair, they still won’t let me travel on my own and I think I would be very responsible. I do so hope I am getting to go on holiday. Even if I have to go with everyone else it would be so much nicer than being left behind. I know I might be able to see Chloe if I stay but at the end of the day I hate being left out as much as the next person and whilst dogs are great to play with I do like all the love and attention I get when I am around humans.