Tuesday 8th August 2006

I have very grave news. The moles are back. It all started with one little tiny pile of earth in my bit of garden and my mistress wasn’t sure if it might have been me digging. “Please” I said “how often do you see me getting dirt under my toe nails without a good reason?” To be fair my mistress could see the point. It would be very unusual for me to go digging unless there was an interesting root to eat when I had finished. So we thought it might be a mole. Then when the ground was very wet, in one night it had come up by the swimming pool, realised it couldn’t go any further and then tunnelled only just below the surface so that there was a little raised bit of grass running all along the side of the pool, with odd little mounds of earth at intervals where it had come up for a rest. I am now taking bets on where it is going to surface next and am thinking about setting up video surveillance on the garden so that I can catch it. The only thing is that from the small size of the holes and the tunnels I think it might be a little mole and I might like to keep it as a pet. My master doesn’t want me to talk like that in front of my mistress as he is worried she will not want them removed.

I overheard my master and mistress talking about them all going on holiday and I must say I am worried. I really would like to go but after the confusion of the honeymoon and finding I was not included I don’t know whether they are planning to take me or leave me behind. If I am not going I need to get in touch with Chloe and see if she can go and stay with the lady that looks after me at the same time but obviously I don’t want her to get all excited if I am actually going on holiday too. Perhaps I should ask James if he knows. Of course, there is always the chance it is like the Switzerland trip when I thought it was a holiday and they were actually looking at whether we were going to live there. I wonder if it is ok to talk to James about it maybe he doesn’t know we were moving and I don’t want to worry him too. Perhaps I just need to be a bit clever in how I ask so I can find out what he knows without giving anything away.