Thursday 10th August 2006

Well James went back to England for a couple of nights last night. When he comes back Helen and Andrew will be coming too. It is Helen that all the painting in pink was for. I do hope she likes it. I haven’t actually seen the end result as it is on the top floor and I can’t actually manage the stairs to get up there. Not helped of course by the fact that my mistress hasn’t put any of the special strips down that let me get any grip. I am starting to think this is deliberate on her part and am wondering what she is hiding up there. Having said that I can give pink rooms a miss!

I worked up all my courage and asked my mistress about the holiday thing. I told her I had overheard them talking about going on holiday and I was wondering if that included me. I held my breath a little bit after asking, not really knowing whether I wanted to hear the answer or not. “Yes” she said “we have chosen somewhere especially so that you can come.” I was so relieved I just ran round in circles chasing my tail. After a while, when my initial excitement had worn off and I had remembered that that was not my only concern, I went to find her again and asked if it was going to be like the Switzerland trip. “Well there will be hills and trees and we are going to drive and we will be travelling in the same direction.” I got a bit frustrated and explained that I was worried they were thinking of moving and needed to know if it was really a holiday. It was lovely. She sat down with me and gave me a cuddle and told me there was nothing to worry about and that we were all going and it really was just a holiday. Of course telling me there was nothing to worry about would have been more believable if I hadn’t found there are eight of us going, including me. That is an awful lot of people to be saying “Sit Alfie” “Fetch Alfie” “Drop”, you know how it goes. I just want a quiet life. I suppose I should look on the bright side, my mistress is going to have to cook for them all!

So far it is the cooking that James does that I am missing most. When he made icing the other day he got so much on his clothes it provided a real treat for me. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t stop licking him. Then he put his hand out and I licked that too so he told my mistress they were now clean and he didn’t need to wash them. For some reason she didn’t agree, nor would she put the plate back in the cupboard that he claimed he had licked clean. What is it with women?