Friday 14th July 2006

I am not happy. There is another dog staying here that has been saying that he went to his owners’ wedding. That means I now know for certain that it is possible for a dog to go. Why didn’t they wait to get married when I could travel? Or failing that why didn’t they get married in a country that I can go to? I know my mistress muttered something about feeling it was important to be able to understand the words she was saying but in all honesty I think it is about time she got her priorities right. I’m their dog, their only dog. For that matter I am their only pet. Is it really more important to understand the words being said or to have me there? I think there was a small matter of some of her family not having passports as well, but once again, who is more important? At least I may have found one small way of making my presence felt. You know how dog hair can get everywhere…, well, when my master rang he said he had forgotten to take my blanket out before putting my mistress’s dress in the car. He thinks that my hair has only got as far as the carrier that it is wrapped in but I’m hoping there might still be a chance of it getting through. It reminds me of the cushion I saw the other day and said jokingly that my mistress needed. It said ‘No outfit is complete without added dog hair’ although I am guessing with all the fuss over the wedding dress, she may have preferred that one to be kept clean. My master says he would like a photo of me with my mistress in her dress when they come back. He may jut be saying that to stop me feeling left out. I was wondering whether I should go for the full ‘muddy footprint’ effect.

I despair of my mistress. It seems that in a serious error of judgement she decided to go for a ‘surprise visit’ to her aunt. In general, surprise ‘visits’ work best when the person being visited is actually at home. If you go when they are out it doesn’t tend to surprise them all that much. Perhaps the intention on the part of my mistress was to surprise herself by finding she had some time on her hands, in which case it is safe to say that she succeeded. Clearly without me there to look after her she is just not the same person, or so I like to tell myself!