Thursday 13th July 2006

I have been having a few problems with my mobile phone. It is so frustrating when you are in the middle of a call and you lose reception and have to start again. It’s ok when you are talking to a friend, although admittedly a little rude. The biggest issue is when you are ringing a large faceless organisation. You have just got as far as outlining the problem that has led to your call to the third department and then you lose signal and have to start again, only to be told you are number 5 in the queue and ‘your call is important to us’. On a brighter note I do rather enjoy when I’m in the middle of a conversation that I have got a bit bored with, being able to say ‘I’m going into a tunnel’ and pretend to be cut off. I guess I can’t have it both ways. Of course the people that know me really well will realise it isn’t very likely that I am going into a tunnel at that moment but no one seems to be impudent enough to question my honesty. In some ways one of the greatest things about being a dog is that you really aren’t held accountable for your actions. If you do something unacceptable people just say “Well he is only a dog”. Of course I object to the word only, but it usually at a time that I am not really in a position to argue with it. I caught my master saying I was only a dog the other day and was really rather proud of my mistress for how upset she was and for sticking up for me. I would of course do the same for her if someone described her as ‘only a human’ but that is not a phrase you hear said all that often. Funny that. By contrast I have heard my master talking about being in ‘the dog house’. What confuses me is he says it as though that is a bad thing when all things considered he should think it an honour to join me.

The other problem I am having with my mobile is that someone has left me a message. I realise that may be a good thing but you are forgetting that I am in Belgium and when I try to get it some voice starts speaking Flemish to me and I don’t know what buttons I need to press to get my message. I might be missing out on something important but to be honest I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I might even resort to asking one of the other dogs for a bit of help but I do so hate admitting I haven’t got a clue.