Saturday 15th July 2006

Well it is the wedding day today. I wonder of they are ok? I think my master is going to tell the story of the point at which he and his flatmates all decided that my mistress was one of them. It’s funny really I don’t know which of them it reflects on most. It turns out that on one occasion when my mistress called round to their flat, they were all too lazy to answer the door. So instead of making a fuss she simply climbed in through the kitchen window. I should perhaps point out that the flat was on the ground floor and it was not the window above the sink! After that she became honorary 6th flatmate and all because she didn’t make a fuss at how lazy they all were! If it had been the window above the sink she would have stood on a large pile of dirty washing up and I don’t think she would have been quite so happy about that.

I can’t wait for them to come home. Don’t get me wrong, where I am staying is really very nice. Some of the dogs are a lot of fun and I do get a little bit spoilt. However good it is though, it is not home. I am fed up with the lack of variety in my food. I know I get dog food every day at home but my mistress always gives me one of her Frosties at breakfast, one or several crisps at lunchtime and I can usually persuade her to give me a little bit of marzipan or biscuit at elevenses and mid afternoon. Quite apart from that where are my doggy treats? When we go for a walk a usually get a little something for being good, or failing being good I tend to get it just for being me.

Most of the other dogs that have been staying since I arrived have gone home now. There are other dogs here but after a while I start to miss being a household pet. Being a pack animal is great for a while but new dogs arrive, full of excitement to be out of the household situation for a few days and ready to jockey for position. There are only so many times of being bounced on and having to extract myself from the bottom of the pile before I can say “I really don’t need to be top dog” that I can take before it all gets a bit tedious. I want to go home.