Wednesday 12th July 2006

I was so happy this morning, I got a letter from my mistress. She misses me. I think I like being missed, it really cheered me up. I sat and thought about how lovely it is when I curl up on her knee, it is a bit of a feat as I don’t really fit but that doesn’t stop me trying. She strokes me and tells me stories and rubs my tummy. Really I think she probably spoils me a bit, I know the master thinks so but he’s a big softy too even if he doesn’t show it all the time. I really miss being tucked in at night and given a goodnight kiss before I go to sleep. It just isn’t the same when you are staying with a whole load of dogs, it doesn’t do to show your softer side too much. I think it’s a dog thing, it may just be a male thing. Maybe the girl dogs feel differently about it. Anyway, she seems to be keeping busy without me and has seen some of her friends that she hasn’t seen for a while. She has ‘accidentally’ bought some new clothes. I’m not really sure exactly how you do that accidentally, but there you go that’s my mistress for you. Yesterday, they were going to see the minister who is taking the wedding service, he is actually an old school friend of my mistress’s which seems rather nice really. I just hope he is also qualified to take the service, it would be a bit of a shame to go through with it all only to find it hadn’t really happened at all, but I am sure she has thought about that.

I got bored with dog food so when the coast was clear I managed to nip out and go in search of the ubiquitous MacDonald’s. I have to Say I am getting a little bit fed up of the number of times I go out craving ‘2 apple pies for 99p’ and get to the counter to be told that although there are apple pies on the sign, and there is a machine behind them to keep apple pies hot, they have not in fact put any apple pies into the machine to be able to sell any to me. You build yourself up to a craving, the least they can do is to be ready to satisfy it. If you aren’t careful you start to find yourself combing the streets in search of another MacDonald’s and then another all of whom seem to think it is ok not to be able to sell you apple pies. I wonder what is the greatest lengths someone would go to in an attempt to be served an apple pie? I have contemplated taking the manager hostage but I’m not absolutely certain a dog would be taken seriously, particularly one that looked as soft as I do.