Tuesday 11th July 2006

Yesterday wasn’t so bad because the rottweiler went home. The other dogs came and said they were sorry for what happened yesterday and they didn’t really mean it but they were frightened to disagree with the rottweiler. It turns out that most of the dogs are frightened of him and generally go along with what he says rather than disagree. I can see why they do it, but surely if there is something wrong happening you might not always be able to stop it but it doesn’t mean you have to join in and make it worse. Anyway, that was yesterday and today we all played happily together. I nipped the ear of a westie a bit hard, but it was an accident and we were still friends afterwards.

We decided that it would be fun to organise a bit of a tug-of-war competition. A couple of the dogs brought some ropes as their favourite toys when they came to stay here. I had wanted to bring all the bits of rubber chicken but my mistress said I was likely to lose some of them so I brought pig instead. We used some sticks to mark out some lines in the garden and then put the rope in the middle. The idea was that we would get a couple of dogs on each side to balance the weight and then see who could tug the hardest. It is fair to say the contest did not go according to plan and I am probably not completely blameless. First of all the jack russell ran through at high speed whilst we were setting up and carried the rope off to the far end of the garden. The westie and the sheltie went off in hot pursuit and one or two of the others joined in. They had been gone a few minutes when I completely forgot what we were doing and settled down to chew the sticks we had put out to mark the pitch. Consequently, by the time the westie came back proudly carrying the rope we had to start all over again to find some more sticks. Setting up the tug-of-war turned out to be a great game in itself and lasted for the best part of three hours. By the time we had finished we all flopped down exhausted with no energy to pull a rope at all.

I have been wondering how my brother and sisters are doing. Perhaps when I get home I could get my mistress to take me to see my mum and sister Esther, it does seem like ages since I saw them. I wonder if they like having games of tug-of war?