Thursday 1st June 2006

Harry hedgehog came round in quite a flap first thing yesterday. He has received a letter from the Woodland Council. It has asked him to attend the next meeting of the Woodland Council to be held in the middle of the wood on Friday June the 9th at 7.30pm. On the letter the heading says ‘Re: The Woodland Youth Club’ but the letter doesn’t give any more detail as to what exactly they want to talk about. He doesn’t know if he has to present anything, or whether he has done something wrong. He hopes it isn’t because of the deer fighting but knowing the Council they wouldn’t act that quickly. It doesn’t say he can’t run it anymore so we assume we can still hold one next week. He is a bit nervous about it but is putting a brave face on it. I asked if he would like me to go with him but he said all things considered he thought he should go on his own. Nicole and I will just have to wait on the edge of the wood to see him when he comes out. What with the meeting he has with the Woodland Bank in Friday and the fact that it is today I am going into Antwerp to see the dealer that the mole’s ring was sold to, it really is quite a week for Harry.

I didn’t end up telling you about last Saturday when my mistress went shopping for bridesmaids dresses. For a start the day started with buying four new tyres for the car, which hadn’t been planned and by late afternoon that was all that had been bought, if you discount the pizza and the coffee. As with all of these things they then found a shop selling the same dresses they had tried on at the very start of the shopping in the morning and after five and a half hours of going into more shops than my mistress could count, decided they were perfect. Amazingly and quite by luck, the colour will actually go with what the men are wearing. This in itself is quite an achievement for my mistress. Bless her, she doesn’t always have the best of dress senses! The funny thing is that the bridesmaids dresses coordinate so well she could actually get away with saying that that was the plan all along. Of course to maintain that pretence she might have been better not to have told me about it!

Well I had better get myself ready to go and see this dealer in Antwerp. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to say when I get there. I have been rehearsing a little speech in my head. Well mostly in my head, occasionally I forget and say it out loud but you tend to get funny looks walking along talking to yourself.