Wednesday 31st May 2006

Yesterday’s youth club would have gone much better if one of the deer hadn’t got into an argument with his cousin. It was all very silly really. Basically the one of them had borrowed the other’s mp3 player and then lost it, so couldn’t give it back. He had been trying to avoid seeing the other one but had so wanted to come to youth club that he took the risk his cousin wouldn’t be there. Harry sat them both down and tried to get to the bottom of it. In the end the one who had lost it said he was sorry and agreed to try and earn the money to replace it. Harry said if he would like to do the clearing up after youth club for the next few weeks he would pay him for that and maybe that would give him enough to buy the new one.

I had a go at table tennis by holding the bat in my mouth. It was really good fun until I bit too hard and got my tooth stuck in the wood. It took two of the deer to pull it off again. I stuck to working the cd player after that and played the cd’s I have borrowed from my master and mistress. They have some that are duplicates so I didn’t think they would mind too much. The only problem is that most of us don’t really like the music on them, it’s all a bit ancient. Perhaps I should talk to them about it and see if they mind my borrowing some others. The shelter we built proved it’s worth, and although the bigger animals couldn’t get in it did keep the smaller ones and the cd player dry.

Do you think it will ever stop raining? My mistress says that with the amount of leaves coming off the trees it is more like autumn. On that basis I don’t think I am going to like autumn very much. We are supposed to be going on a special walk on Sunday, where I get to meet lots of other puppies that are quite like me. All the other breeds of Swiss mountain dog are bigger than me so I am a little apprehensive. I did like the Bernese mountain dog I played with when we were in Switzerland though, so it might be ok. At least I will know one other puppy as my sister Esther is going to be there. I suppose I had better be prepared to spend my day with her rolling me over in the mud and jumping on me. Why do sisters do that? I thought boys were supposed to be the ones who did that and girls were supposed to be nice. I don’t think I like this age of equality very much, for me it just seems to mean being unequal the other way round.