Friday 2nd June 2006

Neither my mistress nor I are the greatest fan of cities, let alone ones that are in the process of having half of their roads dug up. I said I wanted to go and see the dealer on my own but my mistress insisted on coming with me. As it turned out it was a good job she did as I got a bit lost and had some difficulty in asking for directions. It is always hard when you don’t speak the language very well and of course that is quite apart from getting people to take a dog seriously. Anyway we got there in the end and found a shop with all sorts of odds and ends in the window all of which had been owned by someone else at one time or another. It was one of those times when no matter how often you have rehearsed what you are going to say it is still not easy when you come to it. I asked my mistress if she would mind waiting by the door, I really didn’t want to have to discuss Harry’s business in front of her. Having introduced myself to the dealer, I began to explain what it was I had called in connection to. He thought it would be better to discuss it in the back of the shop in case anyone else came in, so I followed him through. The room behind the shop was absolutely full of boxes and bags all piled up on shelves, or sitting in the middle of the floor and come to that on the chairs as well. It was hard to find a clear bit of floor to sit on but he made some room for us both. I started again explaining that he had bought a distinctive ring a while ago that fitted a very small finger and was set with lots of tiny diamonds. He remembered the piece and said he had got a very good price when he sold it on. He then proceeded to rummage through a large pile of papers until he came to a big book that he seemed to write all the things he sold in. It turned out that he had sold it to a very wealthy lady that had wanted it as a present for her small daughter for her dolls house family. Well that’s that I suppose. He gave me the address but I am not sure that that is going to do me any good. So I thanked the dealer and went back to find my mistress so we could go home.  I spent the journey home wondering if there was any way of going to see the little girl and explaining to her. I do find that small children are so much more understanding of these things than adults. Adult seem, sadly, to become very jaded with the little things in life that can make so much difference to other creatures.