Saturday 27th May 2006

Well my mistress has gone off shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses today. She is really quite worried as it is the only chance to go shopping with both her bridesmaids. I just hope for her sake that they all like the same thing, otherwise it could be a very long day!

I had a bit of a mishap whilst out walking yesterday. Personally I blame the duck. How could it be my fault that it ran onto the neighbouring land from where we were walking? Somehow I managed to clear the barbed wire fence in between the rows of wire on the way out. All well and good had I not run into it on the way back. Ouch I thought. I don’t want to do that again in a hurry. The only problem was that my mistress was on the other side of the fence and that is where I needed to get back to. So I stood and looked pathetic, which all things considered I thought was the best approach. My mistress tried to get me to come towards her by offering me a biscuit. Who was she kidding, the fence had teeth. I started to get the scale of the problem when she explained that there was no way she was going to be able to climb over to my side of the fence and one way or another I had to get back. I suggested she could come through the stream as there was no fence there but then she pointed out I was going to have to come back and as she could not carry me I would have to come back through the stream. That didn’t seem quite so attractive. Ok I admit it, for the first time that I can remember I was scared. My mistress got a stick and got me to hold the end of it as I do when I am getting her to play and then she carefully guided me through the rows of wire. I have to say she didn’t do a bad job and she cut her finger in the process. For at least the next couple of hundred metres I walked really closely to her and I promised not to do it again. Then I saw another bird and went chasing after it, back to my old self again.

I’m off to see Harry later. I have been worrying about how he is getting on making contact with his underworld connections. I am so worried that he might give up on all the good things that are happening but I suppose the fact that he is giving all his money away ought to show me that it is no longer the money that is important.