Sunday 28th May 2006

I really have led a very sheltered life so far when compared to Harry hedgehog. He has spent the last couple of days tracking down ‘The Rat’ ‘The Mole’ and ‘The Snake’ and in this instance those are just their nicknames rather than their species. It is fortunate that the ring he is trying to find is a little out of the ordinary, otherwise after all this time there is no hope that they would remember it. Ironically it turn out that it is The Mole that recalls the ring and thinks it was sold on to a dealer in the city. Fortunately he is still in contact with the dealer and says for a price he will make some enquiries. Well Harry says he will give it some thought and is actually wondering if he could make the trip himself. What is he thinking of? How is an animal his size going to safely make a journey of about 15 kilometres and cross all those busy roads? He started asking me whether my mistress goes into the city very often and whether she could perhaps give him a lift. I really don’t know the answer as if she does she has never taken me with her. How precisely would I explain that one to her? She makes me wear a seatbelt in the car and I am sure even my old one would be way too big for Harry. I said I thought Harry would be much better to pay The Mole to do it but he said it wasn’t as simple as that. It isn’t money The Mole is after in payment. He wants Harry to do some work for him and what he wants isn’t exactly legal. That made the whole thing a lot clearer. So we looked at our options. We could ask Nicole to go as she is a lot faster than Harry and there is the added advantage that the dealer is more likely to want to help her. We could ask my mistress to give Harry a lift but I think that might be harder to achieve. We could ask my mistress to take me or even try and explain the whole thing and see if she would go for us. I said I would see what mood she was in later.

Things have been so exciting recently that I had completely forgotten that at some point I need to find myself a career. It hasn’t been such a big problem that my pocket money doesn’t go very far now that Harry is around and although he is giving back much of the money he has there is still enough left to buy what we need. I am however waiting for next month’s pocket money to buy a new frisby. My existing one is getting a bit jagged round the edges where I grab it with my teeth. I need some new tennis balls too the ones I found in our garden were great but they all seem to have broken into two pieces. I really don’t know how it happens. I suppose it is a bit like my mistress not being able to get the top off the lemonade bottle after my master has done it up. She says he just doesn’t know his own strength.