Friday 26th May 2006

Well it finally stopped raining for long enough to go and see Harry and Nicole. Harry says he is finding his pile of leaves a little damp at the moment and wondered if I could help him to find a way of improving the degree of shelter. There are so many sticks down off the trees that it didn’t take us long to create a little tent like structure that we covered in leaves so that there was more chance of some air getting through to dry them out. It reminded me how much I wanted to build my den and we all felt a bit blue for a while. Then Nicole made us all some tea and we warmed up a bit, which is always a good way to cheer yourself up. Harry started telling us about another of his visits to the victims of his thefts over the years. Many of the animals that have come forward don’t want his compensation. They have said they received compensation from their insurers and that it is good enough for them that Harry is really sorry and trying to make amends and have suggested he use the money to either improve the youth club or to set up a little scholarship fund to make sure that orphaned animals get the same opportunities in life that the other children get. Anyway he did visit an elderly mole that said the ring that Harry took had been her grandmother’s and it was her most treasured possession. She would do anything to have it back and make sure that she could pass it to her daughter and keep it in the family. Harry has been desperately trying to remember what he did with it when he stole it. Unfortunately it is quite a long time ago and whilst the mole can remember exactly when it was and what happened, Harry it struggling to remember how he would have disposed of it at the time. He says there is nothing for it but to look up some of his old underworld contacts and see if any of them can help. Oh dear, what if he does that and is enticed back into a life of crime. Nicole says I shouldn’t worry and she is usually right on these things.

When I got home I found my mistress practising trying to score goals by throwing a ball through a hoop on a post. She seems to have been doing this quite a lot recently, all very odd. Apparently it was her Christmas present from the master but they only finished building it last weekend. Alarmingly my mistress is quite competitive and when they tried ‘best of 5 shots’ from behind a line in front of the hoop my master scored 2 and my mistress only scored one. Now she is practising whilst he is out so that she can beat him next time. There was me thinking that becoming an adult meant growing up!