Monday 17th April 2006

So there I am at the park when I realise that people come along with bags of food to feed the goats and deer in the pen. The animals in the pen all line up along the fence and wait patiently to be given scraps of food. Well what is a hungry puppy to do? I joined the end of the line. I was hoping the people with the food wouldn’t realise that I was on the same side of the fence as them and that I was in fact a dog. I was working with the ‘I’m cute and furry with big brown eyes and you are going to fall for me’ routine. Try as I might there really was no fooling the adults, however I did have a little more success with the children. My mistress went on and then fell off the climbing frame. Boy, can she be embarrassing! You would think at her age she really wouldn’t try such antics. You wouldn’t catch me trying to do a forward roll round a bar. I’m more of a ‘sit and watch the rest of the family make a fool of themselves’ kind of a dog. After the climbing frame incident my mistress decided to sit with me but there was no stopping my master. Since when has accompanying a four year old justified having a go on absolutely everything despite the fact that they weren’t built for people of 6’ 3”?

Despite all that peace has now returned to the house and I am finding it a little too quiet. Strange isn’t it, when you have all that noise you want to get away from it and when it’s gone it seems too quiet. You can’t win. It’s a bit sad that there are fewer people to make a fuss of me and ‘accidentally’ drop food for me to eat. I got quite a liking for cereal, and ham and crisps and of course vegetables. It’s really good for dogs that children don’t like vegetables. I would however prefer it if they didn’t like steak, or chops either. I don’t get enough of the biscuits or cakes come to that. I am glad to get back to watching my favourite films on tv rather than Thomas the Tank Engine, Power Rangers and Faulty Towers. Why don’t modern children understand the importance of Lassie in cultural terms, or the film Beethoven come to that. It is so important to the independence of dogs that they should be able to secure the lead roles in films, there need to be more written with the acting dog in mind. Scooby Doo isn’t bad but I really don’t feel that they have given him enough lines.