Sunday 16th April 2006

Well I went to see hedgehog yesterday and broke the bad news to him. He was disappointed but had really expected as much. I was so relieved to get it over with. By the time I got to the prison to see him, I had rehearsed it over and over in my head, my nose was dry and so was my mouth and my paws felt all sweaty. When I went into the room to see him and he was already sitting there instead of even saying hello I just said “I am really sorry hedgehog he isn’t your cousin the deer said he is a woodland mouse in disguise and they want to get their own back on you and the are all ganging up to get some money back and they think you stole lots of things from them and they don’t know what a nice person you are and …” Fortunately hedgehog put his paw on my arm and stopped me, otherwise I might have gone on blurting all day. He smiled a sad smile and said he suspected something along those lines. He also said they were right to be annoyed with him and maybe when he is released we could go and see them together and he could try and make up for some of the bad things he did when he was younger. Then he got the photo out again and we had a good chuckle at the mouse dressed up as a hedgehog. If you looked closely you could see some of his whiskers poking out but because we didn’t suspect it was a mouse before we hadn’t been looking for them.

Now I don’t really understand but today we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Ok so I get the bit about it being Easter and that being about Jesus and celebrating but I don’t get where the chocolate eggs came into the story. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for it to be appropriate on any day of the year to chase round the garden looking for, finding and eating chocolate eggs, but why do it on this day in particular. Was Jesus particularly fond of chocolate eggs? The others got ones filled with what looked like yokes and whites of eggs but all sugary and sweet, mine were just small milk chocolate eggs that my mistress had bought for me in Switzerland. I don’t know how many she has hidden but I am hoping if I keep running round the garden I will find lots more when I fancy some chocolate. I took one round for squirrel. I explained the story to her but she didn’t get it either.