Saturday 15th April 2006

I’ve been to the zoo. What a strange place, lots of animals in cages not being able to play together. There were some with more than one of the same type that seemed to be having fun and lots I have never seen in our wood and some I hope I never do see in our wood as they were quite scary. I tried using my tail like one of the monkey’s when I got home, but no matter how hard I try I cannot swing from the banister the way they did from the branches. I don’t think I could even if I went on a diet. I was also a bit confused about elephants  and giraffes, why are the long thin bits in different places? Did they miss the neck when making an elephant and accidentally put it on the nose or should a giraffe really have a short neck and a long nose like the elephant? Being just a simple dog can be quite confusing at times.

Apparently for the wedding the master and mistress need to book a photographer. This really doesn’t make any sense to me at all. They seem to want the photographer to be in England where the wedding is and not in Belgium where I will be. Why would they want any photographs without their beloved dog in them? I cannot imagine what they are thinking of. There ought to be pictures of me licking the cake, me getting out of a fancy car, me carrying the rings oh and me sipping champagne. I would be prepared to do a few with me with the guests just to keep everyone else happy but I am happy for them to only feature me that would be no problem.

I am off to see hedgehog again today, I have to find the right way to tell him he really doesn’t have a cousin after all. I wish squirrel were coming with me as she would be much better at finding the right words than I am. I am likely to just blurt it out because I don’t know how to build up to it. Maybe if I go for a long walk and eat some acorns I will get some inspiration. I did try asking squirrel how she would go about it when she came round for some peanuts this morning but she didn’t seem to think there was an easy way to break news like that. I guess having been an orphan hedgehog would love to find that he has some real live relatives somewhere. I wonder if squirrel and I could do some work to trace his family tree and then hunt for any that are alive?