Friday 7th April 2006

I have spent all day worrying about my planning application. What if the Forest Council say no? Where will hedgehog live then, when he comes out of prison that is.  Even if they say yes, there is still the problem of trying to build it in time for his release. I was wondering about asking my mistress whether he could move in with us for a few weeks, just until everything gets sorted out.

I have got a new favourite toy. The master bought it for me last week. It is, well, it’s probably best to describe it as a squidgy pink rhinoceros that squeaks. You would have to put your mouth round it and squeeze it to really understand what I mean, but it does have a very satisfying feel to it. Obviously it can’t completely replace Miffy, but I have to say she really isn’t looking herself anymore. There is just a bit too much leg and ear missing on the left paw side. My cushion was taken away ‘awaiting repair’ to stop me eating the rest of the inside of it, but I think my mistress has now quietly forgotten it. It is sitting on the edge of the sideboard, frustratingly I can see it but can’t quite get to it. I had wondered about trying to push a chair into position and mounting a rescue bid but I can’t see how I would get the chair where I wanted it without knocking it over. I may just have to play the obedient dog for a bit to see if I can use charm to get her to repair it and give it back.

I have been thinking some more about what the Jay was saying yesterday about how I could put some money on a horse race and win some more money. I wonder how you can work out which horse is going to win or whether it is best to just pick one with a name you like. It’s a shame I shan’t see hedgehog until it is too late to place a bet, I am sure he is the sort of animal that would know all about gambling. I am not too sure I would want to give money to a Jay anyway, I think they are related to the Magpies and they are known for their dishonesty. The postcard I sent squirrel still hasn’t arrived and I am quite sure it is hanging up on the wall of a nest somewhere.

Squirrel can’t come with me to see hedgehog tomorrow, unfortunately she has got relatives coming to stay for the weekend. It must be really nice to have other family living around and have them to stay once in a while.