Saturday 8th April 2006

Wilma at her desk - it's back to work today

Well I am off to see hedgehog later today. There won’t be many more weeks I have to go and see him before he is released. He is due out on the 3rd of May as long as he behaves himself and doesn’t try to escape again. Every time I hear the helicopters I wonder if he has had another go. He says there is no point trying to escape now, he feels as though he has a future and he doesn’t want to spoil it. He sees squirrel and me as his new family. This den idea is all very well but I seem to have grown quite a lot. When I started planning it, although I was bigger than squirrel I wasn’t all that big. Now I seem to be all arms and legs and a big body in between. I keep thinking I might have stopped growing and then a bit more of me appears. I only weighed about 8kg when I moved in with my mistress and now I am nearer to 20kg. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder where it all came from. I hope the rooms in the den are going to be big enough for me, I don’t want to constantly bang my head. At the moment I seem to have more of a problem of lolloping all over the place in a slightly uncoordinated fashion and just as I thought I had got my limbs under control.

I have been reading ‘Three men in a boat’ and quite like the idea of being taken for a long trip on a river. I could be captain and bark orders to my crew. I would offer to row but I can’t imagine having to sit on two legs all day, it seems such a waste when I can sit on all four. I do find using all four so much more comfortable and I am uncertain how I would hold the oar. Ok so if truth be known I am lazy but what is the harm in that? I suppose I could try and get a little motorised boat and take squirrel for a picnic along a river somewhere. I would have to find a nice little backwater somewhere, I think the main Albert Canal with all it’s shipping traffic might not be quite the romantic setting I had in mind. The master did try persuading the mistress that Antwerp was the place to move to by showing her the docks and he was surprised when that didn’t seem to enchant her. I can at least learn from his experience and presume the way to a girl’s heart is not through an industrial landscape.