Thursday 6th April 2006

Well I paw-delivered my planning application to the Forest Council pigeon-hole in the wood. I am not sure that the pigeon appreciates having letters stuck in but that is what it’s there for. At least I have got it in in plenty of time for Friday’s deadline. All I can do now is wait to see what happens when they consider it on the 25th April.

I was talking to one of the Jay’s in the garden and he was asking if I was having a flutter on the Grand National. I am sure the answer I was expected to give was a simple yes or no, however I started with ‘What’s a flutter?’ whilst visualising something for other birds with their wings flapping. Apparently this means gambling. OK so ‘what is gambling?’ It seems to be where I risk my hard earned cash on an event that probably won’t happen. My next question was ‘what’s the Grand National?’ It turns out that a lot of horses jump over some very big fences whilst lots of humans watch them and try to guess who will come in first. By the time he had started to try and explain each way betting and I found it didn’t mean you were covered even if the horse turned round and ran in the opposite direction, and that spread betting didn’t come in a choice of cheese or meat flavours, I was completely confused. Maybe if I watch the race on Saturday it will make more sense to me. It turned out that the Jay had a sideline as a bookmaker and would have been willing to take my money. I decided that all things considered I was happy to hang on to my own money if it was all the same to him.

I didn’t have to go to dog training last night. My mistress still has a poorly chest and didn’t want to stand in the cold. I simply don’t want to stand in the cold, that is good enough reason for me. Do you think there is any time in the year when it stops raining? One day is lovely and sunny and the next it rains. It doesn’t always wait a day in between. Sometimes it is sunny one minute and hailing the next, it is always hard to know whether I need to take my umbrella when I go for a walk. If I take it and don’t need it then it rather gets in the way of stick carrying, but if I don’t take it you can guarantee it will rain. The temperature even dropped down to zero again last night surely that shouldn’t still be happening. When they explained the seasons to me I am sure I was told that spring was when it warmed up, otherwise I am having to put up with the raucous twittering of the birds for no good reason.