Tuesday 4th April 2006

What an afternoon it was going to see my mum and sister yesterday. I didn’t get to spend too much time with my mum, it was all rather strange really. They told me that she was on heat, which I presume means like when the car seat suddenly gets really hot for no apparent reason other than me accidentally pushing one of the buttons on the dashboard with my nose. But why would that mean she didn’t want to see me? I saw her for a little while but she tried to bite me and I ran and hid behind my mistress. We made up later, when she was in a different bit of the garden behind a fence, so we couldn’t have a hug which was a shame. Then I played with my sister Esther. Since I last saw her I have grown more than she has and she can’t jump on me quite so easily. She didn’t seem absolutely happy to see me for the first few seconds but she soon got over that and oh how we rolled in the mud. We rolled over and over and ran and jumped and drank the pond. It was brilliant. I don’t think our tails stopped wagging the whole time. I now seem to be heavier than she is but still about the same height. I think working out is doing me good. It was a brilliant afternoon, I didn’t really want to come home but I guess I needed a sleep after all that rolling. We got stuck in traffic on the way home so the mistress tried to get the clever GPS thing in the car to find us another route. Well all I can say is now she can’t complain so much about my map reading! If a machine can get it so badly wrong then how can she expect a puppy to work it out? By the time we got home I am not sure which of us was more in a hurry to get out and find the toilet me or my mistress. I was so tired when we got back I didn’t even have the energy to climb upstairs on my own.

Bad news for Matilda the cat next door, she has a tick. Poor thing now has to have antibiotics. It’s bad enough being treated to stop you having ticks without facing actually getting one. I do sympathise with her having a trip to the vet, the mistress let slip that I have to go to the vet this afternoon. When she realised what she had said she tried to make light of it saying it was just to pick up my blood test results for my passport but I don’t trust her. I am planning to hide somewhere just in case.