Wednesday 5th April 2006

I was right to be alarmed. The vet didn’t just stamp my passport. Oh no. Not to put to fine a point on it he put his hands on parts of me that whilst it’s ok for me to lick, even in public, I don’t expect to have prodded and poked by a man in a white coat. Now being a young puppy and not having that much experience of life I am not absolutely certain which bits I am expecting to find in which places. The vet and my mistress seem to be concerned about me in some way which is leading the vet to prod and poke in a most embarrassing way.

An alarming trend seems to have developed on the bird table. The birds are eating too much. No sooner have I been out and hung up some more containers of food than I turn round and it has gone. I haven’t noticed that they are getting fat from over eating so I am guessing they have moved to a shift system to ensure that more birds can get a stint at the table. Perhaps that is what all the early morning singing has been about, the birds sorting out the ‘sittings’ for the day. I wonder if I fix a little bell on the end of the table if I can get them to ring it when they are ready for their pudding to be brought out.

Because my mistress is still ill I took Matilda’s mistress for a walk instead. Matilda doesn’t really tolerate going for a walk in company, cats can be like that! So I let her mistress come with me. It was great. I ran through all the mud and got absolutely filthy. I am sure my mistress is careful to go on the non-muddy paths to stop me doing that. Matilda’s mistress was a bit worried that I was going to need a bath but I have to say I have become a little vain. I rather like the contrast of the rich brown and white bits with the rest of my black fur and work very hard to keep them looking good. Although my mistress wiped my paws for me I’d got the rest sorted in about half an hour. Doing it myself has the extra advantage of stringing out all the tastes from the walk as I get to rediscover them matted deep into my coat. I think the taboos for human beings are such a shame, they really do miss out on an awful lot of fun, mind you from observation humans do rather let themselves go and very few can reach to lick all the necessary places.