Monday 3rd April 2006

Well back to a normal week, begging for scraps when the mistress makes the master’s sandwiches, hoping to be given a Frostie under the breakfast table, all the usual sorts of things. The most exciting thing is that squirrel has started coming round to call for me. She came round yesterday and again first thing this morning. I tried to take her photo and although I managed it isn’t a very good one. She says she is camera shy but why would anyone as beautiful as that not want to have their picture taken? She seems so tiny now I have grown. We spent some time trying to finish the last few sections of the planning application. Overall I am quite happy with the design. Squirrel particularly like the acorn catching device in the roof and hedgehog likes the little suite of rooms we have included for him. I have got my own fireplace and just enough room for my computer, so all in all as a place to escape from the master and mistress it will do just fine.

The other highlight of my day is that this afternoon I am going to see my mum and sister. There is so much to tell them. I know my mum has been to Switzerland but my sister hasn’t, she will be so jealous. It isn’t that I particularly liked it there but I shan’t tell her that bit. If you can’t try and impress your sister then who can you do it with? Last time I saw my sister she kept pouncing on me and rolling me over in the mud. I have been working out since then, hopefully I am now strong enough to hold my ground and just maybe give her a run for her money. With my mum there as well I don’t suppose I shall be able to get away with very much.

I am also really excited as James is coming back to play with me next week. I wonder if he will notice how much I have grown? We can go and play hide and seek in the forest again. I am a little concerned because he is bringing his sister and brother with him too. Now ten year old boys I can understand but I am not so sure that I understand teenage girls. Do you think she will want to play the same games? Am I supposed to be on my best behaviour or is it ok to jump up and leave muddy paw prints on her the same way I do with everyone else. James’s four year old brother could be good fun as long as I remember not to knock him over. It isn’t that I intend to but when you are playing it can all get a bit exciting and well it just happens.