Sunday 2nd April 2006

Well the visit to hedgehog went quite well. The weasels were much more polite to squirrel than they had been to me previously, nothing was too much trouble. I just glared at them. Hedgehog had put on his best clothes, well the best they let him have in prison and had combed his hair really carefully. Anyone would think he was having a visit from royalty, I am guessing that had more to do with squirrel than me as well!

I told him all about going to Switzerland and being near the village I come from and he asked if I had seen his bank but I had to admit I hadn’t but I was sure it was there somewhere. Then I told him about the hedgehog I had met crossing the road and how my mistress had waited patiently for him to get to the other side, then let me go and say hello.  We spent the rest of the visit trying to finish the plans for the den as we need to submit them within the next week so that they can be considered at the Forest Council Meeting on 25th April. Squirrel has filled in most of the forms and being Belgium we have to get it appropriately stamped and submitted in triplicate. If it is anything like normal they will then take several photocopies and tell us that some of what we have done was unnecessary. They will then add the photocopies to very large piles of similar photocopies and we will have no idea whether they will ever see the light of day again. At least I have now got my April pocket money to help pay for the process, but hedgehog has said he will pay the application fee as a thank you for going to see him. By the time we left it was as though we were all old friends and even squirrel wondered why she had been so concerned.

Fortunately the master managed to restart the central heating yesterday for some reason it had gone off while we were away which left me no choice but to sit in front of the fire when I wasn’t running round. Then you have the problem of having to keep going to find the master to make him put another log on the fire. I would do it myself but I would so hate to burn my paws and I find the tongs quite difficult to grasp. Generally I pick logs up in my mouth but I am certainly not planning to stick my head in the fire. Other than that it has been a bit quiet since we got back, the mistress is poorly and it is much harder to get the master to come out and play. I did try taking her breakfast in bed. I got as far as getting the Frosties out of the cupboard but the plan was derailed by the overwhelming thought of just how nice it would be to eat them. With all these things they say it is the thought that counts and I did think about them getting as far as my mistress, it just didn’t happen.