Wednesday 8th March 2006

Being a secret agent is fun particularly when no one knows that’s what you are. You can be having a really bad day doing lots of things that could be regarded as mundane but all the time you know you are part of something much bigger, waiting for communications of secret meetings, following people searching for valuable information. Admittedly it was much easier to work out where footprints went to when there was some snow but it was also much easier for my suspects to realise I was following them. So there we are walking along the mistress out in front and every so often turning round leaving me to have to hide behind a tree to make sure she doesn’t know I’m there. It was a bit of a pain last Thursday as she got lost and ended up walking a very long way and I really wanted to go up and ask if she would mind carrying me, but as a secret agent it really wouldn’t do to blow my cover. The worst bit is when I get scent of something else I want to track but know if I let her out my sight I will never know which way she went. I have managed to get a good copy of a set of the master’s fingerprints from a beer glass just in case I need them and earlier I found if I hid behind the curtains I could listen in without them knowing I was there. I actually caught them plotting to go out without me, now I just need to work out how to prevent that happening. Do I go for the cute cuddly approach or the devious pinch the car keys method?

Well on the downside it has rained solidly for most of the last 24 hours and on the upside it means I get a reprieve from puppy training tonight. When we went for our walk earlier my mistress tried out some bits of training with me and I did my best in the hope she would decide it would not matter if I missed this week. I still won’t sit or lie down when it’s wet but I’ve tried it out on her and she won’t either. I knew that the battle had been won when the rain got even heavier and she asked if I would like to spend the afternoon building an ark. It would be rather fun, particularly if all the woodland animals could come and play in it but I don’t think she was being serious. I suppose in reality I hope she was joking as I haven’t learnt to swim yet and I am not sure that I fancy wearing a life jacket, so I hope it stops raining before we actually need a boat. The next thing I have to learn is how to walk upstairs on my own, as I am getting too big to carry, so perhaps I will leave swimming for a few weeks.