Tuesday 7th March 2006

Yesterday it is fair to say we had weather and lots of it. When I got up it was frosty but otherwise dry and then the sun came out and I thought it was spring. I started bouncing around in excitement, mainly from the thought that now squirrel would stay awake for a few months. Suddenly from nowhere (well obviously not from nowhere, it must have come from somewhere but at the time it felt like nowhere) there was a flash as though all the lights had turned on and a big bang and my mistress started fussing to make sure I was ok. Well of course I was, if I can live with her it is going to take more than what was apparently a clap of thunder to startle me. Then the sun came out again and I got all excited, tail wagging, bouncing everywhere the usual sort of thing. Then the next minute it was hailing then snowing and I could only watch in amazement as within the minutes the garden completely disappeared. In all the confusion a bird flew into the window I was trying to look out of and startled me more than the lightening had and that was all just the morning. So we picked a sunny interval to go for a walk in the afternoon. Unfortunately it really was an interval and when we were at our furthest point from home it started to hail and then to snow again, such is the life of a dog.

I went round to make sure that Matilda the cat knew about the ‘bird flu’ census and in the process scared a pheasant out of the front garden. It seems a bit odd to do a return on all the domestic animals when we are completely surrounded by wild ones that don’t live at any one address.

This whole Dutch language thing just seems to get more confusing. Take the word ‘roos’ for example, it looks innocent enough and yet it has 3 very different meanings and they aren’t ones you would want to get confused. It can mean rose, or bulls eye, or …wait for it… dandruff! Now just think of the confusions that could occur in translation. Shakespeare could have written ‘Dandruff by any other name would smell as sweet’, whereas ‘Head and Shoulders’ may actually be a treatment for the roses in the garden. Playing darts could become interesting, you might score 50 for hitting your opponents dandruff or the flowers on the table. Then again, if you were ordering a present to send to your loved one and doing it by phone rather than in person, it would be an awful shame to find you had sent a dozen red bulls eyes, it could be the end of a beautiful friendship. I wonder if squirrel would understand if I made a silly mistake like that? All rather irrelevant unless I can either get a job or learn not to spend all my pocket money at once.