Thursday 9th March 2006

What a great walk. We went quite a long way and I had managed to keep fairly clean, more because my mistress was careful where we went than for any desire on my part and then we met a lady with a Labrador. Well the Labrador wanted to play and the lady said ‘that’s fine let him off the lead it will do them both good’. Oh diary it was wonderful, we ran through all the mud and I got absolutely covered in it. The Labrador was really nice and let me chase him and even chased me a little bit. By the time I got home my mistress wouldn’t let me in the house until I got rid of some of the mud and the poor towel had to go in the washing machine. I then rewarded myself with a lovely long sleep. The other good thing that happened while we were out was that I found lots and lots of acorns. These ones weren’t even buried and couldn’t possibly have belonged to anyone, so after my nap I plucked up the courage and went to knock on squirrel’s door. I felt all nervous and anxious in case she didn’t want to see me and I wasn’t absolutely sure whether she would be awake or not. Well as it turned out I really needn’t have worried, she was busy spring cleaning and was delighted to have company for an excuse to stop work. Before I had any opportunity to tell her of my exciting find she shrieked in delighted admiration at how much I have grown. I felt all embarrassed and blushed. I forget how much I change in a couple of weeks. She insisted on looking at me from every angle and then asked if she could have a ride on my back. Oh diary, I was so happy. So I told her all about the acorns and we went to where they were and I helped her trying to bury some of them and got all muddy again. Then we sat and ate a few before going home. What a perfect afternoon. Squirrel suggested we could go for a picnic in a few weeks time when the weather gets a bit warmer I really can’t wait.

After much hard work I have finally managed to separate Miffy from the teething ring she was attached to and what a relief that is. It is so much more satisfying to chew Miffy than to find your teeth around a piece of hard white plastic, apart from which I cannot believe for one moment that it was very comfortable for her to be strung up by her arms and legs like that.