Thursday 2nd March 2006

Despite a long walk in the woods and madly running round the house the mistress still made me go to puppy training. The master came too, I’m not sure if she might have been hoping they would train him as well! In fairness it was a little more successful than last time but the field still resembled a floodlit bog. I know how to sit. I really didn’t need to prove that by sitting in muddy water. At least they had the sense not to try to make me roll over in it this week, but I did point blank refuse to lie down. This time the mistress tried teaching me leave using a ginger biscuit. Until now these have been my favourites but now I really don’t know if I can have them or not so have started to refuse them altogether. There was one funny bit where to get us used to lots of odd things my mistress was told to behave like an aeroplane and fly at me. Now if you know my mistress you will be aware that there are times when she is a sandwich short of a picnic. I could have assured the trainer there was absolutely nothing he could get my mistress to do that would have even slightly phased me. I just stood and looked at her as much as to say ‘So what is it this time?’ and then got back to chewing the tissue I had pinched out of her pocket when she wasn’t looking. The best bit of the night was finding a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in my class. He was only very small and looked completely incongruous with what can only be described as a ‘punk’ looking owner. Little fluffy puppy, owner trying to look hard, hmmm! Anyway the Bernese and I spent all evening just looking at each other, the mistress said I could go and meet him if I wanted but the other owner didn’t seem keen. I also met a dog that was absolutely huge and I really do mean huge. Imagine a medium size Shetland pony and you will be on the right track. He looked as soft as anything but you really wouldn’t want to be on the other end of the lead when he decided to pull.

Following my less than well coated Frosties the mistress wrote to Kellogg’s on my behalf and received in response a lovely reply and a €5 voucher. Unfortunately the voucher says not to be used outside the UK and the UK don’t use euros! Odd that. Perhaps they are assuming they are going to be introduced sometime soon and are saving on waste by not reprinting the ones in pounds, in case they cease to be valid. Do you think they know something the rest of us don’t?