Friday 3rd March 2006

It’s only the third day of the month and I have already run out of pocket money. It is so exciting suddenly having some money that I feel I need to rush out and spend it all at once, even if I don’t really need what I spend it on. Then I get to the next day and I see something I really want and there it is, gone! I really do need to give more thought to how I can earn some extra money. Following my discovery yesterday that I can bounce, I was wondering whether there is anyone out there who likes bouncing and needs a guide dog to bounce with them. For that matter I don’t need to guide them. If they would like to pay me just to bounce with them that would be fine. It would be better than fine, at the moment I only seem to get into trouble for bouncing, but what is wrong with running through a puddle and then bouncing up at my mistress? The only other job I have come across recently that I think I would rather enjoy is secret agent. I could go out in disguise and follow people, develop secret codes and foil plots. I did wonder about practising writing secret code to stop the mistress or the master from reading my diary but I haven’t come up with one yet that works very easily so that it is secret and I can still remember what it means. I like the idea of secret agent, the whole lifestyle sounds so glamorous. “The name’s Dog, Alfie Dog. I have a licence to kill.” Of course if you saw rubber rabbit you might think I have already killed, but really I haven’t! Do you think that squirrel would take on the role of Moneypenny or I guess in Belgium it really ought to be Moneyeuro.

In an update on the cleaner repair saga, it seems that completely dismantling and rebuilding the vacuum cleaner has had no effect. It would appear to have a loose connection, meaning that it has once again stopped working. Still it gave the mistress’s sister something to do and a lot of satisfaction when she thought she had fixed it.

Some days I am so glad when the master comes home. Of course I miss him and that should be enough in itself, but way more than that it means the mistress turns off her music. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like listening to some music, but some of hers is positively weird. She even tries drumming along which can be quite traumatic for a young dog and as for when she starts singing to me, well I just want to cover my ears with my paws. Perhaps I should invest in some earplugs.