Wednesday 1st March 2006

Well what a day. It all started last night really. There I was going out to do my business as usual and the garden had disappeared. At least that is how it felt, the general area that was the garden was still there but someone had gone over it with paint to white it out. There is a sort of a bamboo plant that was bending over so much I couldn’t get along the path without getting all wet. I thought about not going out at all but my mistress said that was not an option and she would stay there as long as it took for me to come to my senses. Well in that weather she had a point and it didn’t take long. When I got up this morning it was all still there, so as my mistress needed to do some work on my computer I went out to play. Wow, this stuff is really weird. It is sort of wet to the touch but not quite, but then it seems to get wetter. My mistress showed me how to roll a snowball and then threw it for me to chase after. I went hurtling across the garden but there was nothing there. She did it again and the same thing happened. I think it’s magic. Then she tried to show me how to make a snowman but it turned out that the snow was too dry and wouldn’t really stay together long enough to work. It was either that or the fact that I kept running over the bit she was working on. I could have stayed out there all day but unfortunately my mistress told me I had to come in and get my homework done.

The other really exciting thing that has happened today is that she has finished the jigsaw and I am delighted to tell you what I ate last week was not the missing piece of the reindeer. As it turns out, it was not a piece of that jigsaw at all so it is no wonder I couldn’t work out where to fit it, before eating it in frustration.  I think a 1000 piece one is really a bit too hard for me and I need to start with something a little less complicated. Do they make one piece jigsaws for beginners?

By way of contrast to my mistress’s sister and the vacuum cleaner, the master was left alone for 24 hours and that proved long enough for him to serve up burnt fish fingers and set fire to the oven gloves in two completely separate episodes! It all just goes to make him all the more lovable to me. But then I did have a bit of an issue with an apple crumble, so I really think it is only fair that we blokes stick together.