Saturday 18th February 2006

It’s a funny thing growing older. It seems to be mainly about hair. Hair grows where it didn’t used to grow, usually in places you don’t want it. Hair stops growing in places where you did want it, and in my case the lovely soft puppy hair starts to go coarse. I’ve noticed that with the black bits down the middle of my back, one minute it’s all soft and fluffy the next it’s all coarse and shiny, strange process when you think about it. No sign of the tooth fairy yet though, I am really hoping that I might get enough to buy nuts for squirrel.

Well all my energy has gone into growing today. I didn’t even want to go for a walk. I had about enough energy to chew Miffy but that was about it. I got up and had a wander round every so often and on one such expedition the computer actually hit me. Up until now I have seen the computer as a friend, without it I would have difficulty writing my diary, whoever heard of a dog being able to hold a pen and write? Today, however, all that has changed (not the bit with the pen – I really can’t get the hang of that, I can’t even work out if I am right or left pawed). I simply sniffed it, the computer that is. When you are a dog you do that to your friends, have a good sniff to say hello. Well when I sniffed computer today a little draw came out and hit me. Perhaps it doesn’t like that particular button being sniffed.

Anyway most of today has gone into thinking, reading and sleeping, but maybe not in that order. I was reading about some giant rabbits that grow over 3 feet long in an old copy of a newspaper that my mistress left lying around. I find it hard to imagine a rabbit that’s bigger than me. I asked my mistress if I could have one as a pet but she said I would have difficulty looking after it. Imagine being bounced on by a 3 foot tall rabbit, mind you my mistress pointed out that she has to cope with being bounced on by me. I definitely want to call my pet rabbit Thumper when I get him, but maybe I will have to wait until I am grown up and can make my own decisions. I also need to find somewhere that delivers carrots or start doing an awful lot of gardening and where do you get a hutch for a rabbit that size?