Friday 17th February 2006

I have been doing some preparation for squirrels visit. I have searched on the Internet in order to buy some acorns for her to replace the ones I ate. I can find music about acorns, paintings of acorns, books about acorns, rugs with acorns on. I can find postings by people wanting to buy acorns to supplement the diets of their local squirrels so that they don’t go short but I cannot find anyone selling acorns. I even found a property rental company that went under the name of acorns but unless squirrel wants to move home that won’t help either. I have been told that filberts are better for squirrels than peanuts but I am a bit confused about this. Filbert is the name of the fox that is the mascot of Leicester City Football Club and I am sure that a fox isn’t better for squirrels!

I am also disappointed to report diary that ‘rubber chicken’ (he replaced Miffy as my favourite toy after the mistress insisted on putting Miffy through the wash) has lost his squeak. That is to say, as a result of the hole that has mysteriously appeared in his foot he no longer makes a noise when I bite him. He’s still good for shaking and racing round the lounge with but it’s so much harder to wind people up if your toys lose their squeak. It’s not all bad, Miffy never did squeak so I don’t really mind, and he can’t go in the washing machine. I’m working on the basis that if I pick him up by his ear and forlornly dangle him in front of my mistress she may take pity on me and buy me a new one, or maybe if she can sew Miffy’s ear back on she could stick rubber chicken back together too.

I really need to get back to thinking about my career options. Even if I had found acorns to buy for squirrel, or filbert nuts for that matter, I don’t think I have enough pocket money left. I know I don’t want a job that involves spending too long in a muddy field. I may be a Swiss Mountain Dog but either they don’t get that much rain in the Swiss mountains or I’m a fair weather Mountain Dog. So I’m going to skip the usual roles of cattle herding and look for something more desk or fireside based.