Wednesday 25th January 2006

It was less than minus 8 centigrade last night. Did she really think I was going to ask to be let out to go to the toilet when there is a perfectly good rug in front of the fire! I picked my moment carefully for maximum annoyance. She had just put tea out and was about to sit down to eat it. Too bad!

But I take back what I said about the UK being mad on it’s requirements for me to travel. The vet (who I never want to see again) told me my tattoo will fade in 2 to 3 years. If I had known that at the time I would have chosen the dolphins or the heart with the arrow through it rather than a random series of letters and numbers. I wonder if I borrowed a felt tip pen, whether I could join it up to make it into a picture? I don’t recommend having a microchip fitted though, bone cupboard automatically restocking or not. Did you ever see such a big needle? There was no point in the vet telling me this wasn’t going to hurt, it obviously was! And when the vet insisted on having a good feel to see if all my bits were in the right place I really didn’t know what to do with myself! I heard my owner making another appointment, I don’t think so! I’m planning to be out that day!

I seem to have spent most of today in the car. First my owner was in the queue for the number plate office for an hour, one of those systems where you take a number and then get depressed by just how many people are in front of you. Then off to get the second number plate, they have this odd system in Belgium where the licensing office gives you one and then you have to go and get the other somewhere else. Then food shopping and then with one thing and another. The best bit of this was the thank you present I got at the end for being so patient. Will she never learn? I am now the proud owner of a second Miffy toy, just as shakeable as the first one!

Alfie with a little help from Rosemary J Kind