Friday 29th December 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

It probably should have been a Thursday flashback rather than today as we sat at home discussion the birth of Shadow’s C litter who turned four yesterday. Being the youngest of the family it was odd with all the others saying they couldn’t believe they were four already and where had all the years gone. I wasn’t even a thought to my parents when they were born. Anyway, I took a look back to see what was being said for the day they turned one day old:


It is lovely watching the first developments appear almost before your eyes. First the little brown eyebrows start to come through. Then you see the ears start to develop and the flaps start to grow. Then as the day progressed it went from one little tail wagging as they ate to several. It’s a lovely site – a little line of white tipped tails happily going side to side as a hungry pup gets some food.


Like the good little girl she is, Cinderella arrived just before midnight on the 27th December and did not wait for her coach to turn into a pumpkin. She does seem to have very large feet so if the slipper fits her it is unlikely to fit any of the others. She has a double dew claw on one of her back feet and a single one on the other, which she will be having removed tomorrow.

And it wouldn’t be right not to include all the others puppies there have been in the house at this time of year, so here is a video of the B litter in 2012

Then of course the next year there was the disastrous trip where the day after this Mum’s car broke down – 2014

Things are not going to plan for Shadow and our Mistress. It turns out the snow ploughs in Switzerland are very efficient and keep going round ALL night. So you have a choice, sleep or clear roads. If that were not bad enough, our Mistress walked into the overhang from a building and hit her head so hard that she was knocked off her feet and has given her a big lump on her head and a headache.

Then of course there is the small matter of mating Shadow. They got up early and were with Rolex by 8am, but he still only wanted to play. Shadow tried all her feminine charms on him, but with no effect. She was going back to see him again last night, but it was too late for me to find out what happened. Rolex has a house mate who is also a stud dog. My Mistress was finding out what had to be done if Shadow were to mate with him too. I don’t know whether that will happen. It would mean all the puppies being dna tested to find out which ones belonged to which dad, which all seems very strange to me.

This year seems positively quiet in comparison!

Have a great Friday


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