Sunday 17th April 2016 – Staying Dry

My sister Valeria
My sister Valeria

Well Shadow drew the short straw. I stayed with our friends in the warm and dry and she had a morning out in the rain at the Swiss breeding test. She said it was nice to have her photo taken and see the other dogs, including my half sister but on balance she would have preferred to play with me. She had to sit in the car out of the way for some of the time, but at least she said that was dry!

What was great news was that both my elder half- brother Ustinov and my half-sister Valeria scored excellent in their tests and can now go on to have puppies. I am so proud of them. It will be my turn next year

My brother Ustinov
My brother Ustinov


Today is going to be exciting as we’re going to stay at a place called Zermatt and we’re going by train. I have to help carry our things in my rucksack as it would be too much for Mum to carry everything. I’m carrying a blanket for me and Shadow to sleep on and all our food. It means Shadow will have to be extra nice to me or I’ll eat hers as well. To be fair she would not really complain if I did, but I won’t be mean as she’s a good friend to me. We just need to see what the weather is like now to decide if we’re going up the mountain or not. Our Mistress went up before and couldn’t see anything because of the cloud so I don’t think she wants to do that all over again.

I’ve been on a train before but not for as long as this and I’m not sure that Shadow has ever done it, so it will be fun… I hope.

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  1. Hi Wilma, sounds as if you are all having a great holiday. My Mum likes the sound of dogs carrying their own kit. Maybe I will be getting a rucksack! Our elderly beagle is not too well. He was up in the night so we are all tired today. I don`t like it when things are not right so hope he is better soon. Enjoy your travels. Lots of love Dickens XX

    • I do hope that your housemate is better soon. Please give him my love.
      My rucksack is great it means I can always take the things I want when we go out.
      See you soon
      love Wilma

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