Saturday 16th April 2016 – Missing Mum

Puppy Ari in Switzerland
Puppy Ari in Switzerland

I’m having a day with Mum’s friends in Switzerland today. I couldn’t go with her as with it having been my season I would smell too interesting to the boys. I stayed here overnight last night and am here all day today. It’s ok as I stayed here for about 6 weeks when I was little so I know my way round, but I do miss Mum. What is really cool is that there are 15 puppies here at the moment including ones named Aisha (like Shadow’s real name), Alfie and Ari. It almost feels like being at home, except puppy Ari doesn’t cause as much trouble as our Ari does. Mum says it’s only a matter of time until he does! Feeding time for 15 is slightly crazy and Mum said she had to be really careful not to step on any of them.

Shadow’s gone with our Mistress to see the breeding test that the dogs in Switzerland go

Feeding time for fifteen puppies
Feeding time for fifteen puppies

through. I think she’s hoping to get to see some of her boyfriends. I was hoping to see my birth parents, but I’ll have to do that another time. I might get to see my Mamma and birth humans on Monday, so that wouldn’t be so bad, but I shan’t get chance to see my Papa.

One thing that is good about today is not spending all day in the car. Yesterday was a lot of driving and it was a bit tiring. I don’t have to have lots of time in the car again until Tuesday and I’m happy about that.

We did have some really bad news yesterday. We went to try to get Alfie’s favourite biscuits and the shop has closed. Mum was really upset as she always goes and stocks up. I think she is going to see if she can find another one to go to instead. If she doesn’t have malt and vanilla biscuits to take home Alfie will be really disappointed.

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