Thursday 14th April 2016 – Ooops

It’s Wilma here. I’m going to be writing for the next week to tell you all about my trip to Switzerland, which I am very excited about. I got off to a bit of a bad start yesterday. I was feeling a bit peckish and thought I would counter-surf to see what I could find. You humans are odd. I found what I hoped was going to be a plate with food, but it was a mug and I couldn’t see inside it from my height, so I pulled it towards me and it sort of fell off. Now, here’s the funny thing. It was Mum’s favourite breakfast mug so I came close to being in big trouble, but what a lucky puppy am I? It didn’t break. It just sort of landed next to me on the stone floor in the kitchen and was still in one piece. Empty, but in one piece. Thankfully Mum was more amused than cross so I just had to promise to be more careful in future. She knew there was no point in making me promise not to do it again as there isn’t an Entlebucher she knows who has been totally stopped from counter-surfing, except Shadow who is just too short to reach!

Anyway, I’m all packed and Shadow and I are ready for our holiday. I’m a little disappointed as I was going to see my natural mother and sister on Saturday but because of my season I can’t go to where they will be. We’re trying to see if we can sort something else out. I wanted to show them all the things I’ve learned, quite apart from how nicely I’m growing up. I shall miss Alfie and Ari while I’m away. Alfie’s in charge of making sure Ari behaves and we all wish him luck with that one!

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  1. Have a lovely trip Wilma and Shadow, looking forward to hearing all about it. Best wishes to Alfie and Ari. I will miss them too. Have a happy tail waggy day. xx

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