Sunday 10th April 2016 – Ideas above her station

Now, from the heading you might think that I’m talking about Wilma, or our Mistress for that matter, but I’m not. It’s my Mum! One night out with our Mistress and she is swaggering about as though she owns the place and has, for the first time had a small disagreement with Wilma. I’ll give Wilma her due, she is not a mean dog at all, unlike my mother. She expects to be top dog but if she is told off she won’t push her luck she just sits it out until the other dog remembers their place. In this case Mum was helped to remember by our Mistress sitting them both down on different sides of the room and putting their respective chews in front of them and telling Mum she could not have them all. We boys gave up thinking we had any rights to the big chews as soon as Mum glared at both of us, but Wilma’s different. She actually offers to share with us as long as we remember they are her chews. Mum will share with no one. She brooded for a while when she was put in her place but ultimately had to accept the situation. Thankfully Wilma did not go and take Shadow’s chew away so harmony was maintained… until the next time!

Our Mistress says that in future she will only take Mum on the nights that Wilma can go as well so she doesn’t get the wrong idea. Now we know why she was so bouncy when she came back, she thought her whole status had been improved rather than she was being trained. We boys have no such illusions. We value our special times with our Mistress but with two females in the house we have absolutely no doubt on where we come in the pecking order and it’s nowhere near the top!

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