Thursday 17th March 2016 – A Worried Dog

I’m off to the vet this morning for an update on what is going on with my glands. I know I’ve got to have a blood test for my thyroid function to see if the tablets to help my thyroid stimulating hormone are working right. Our Mistress isn’t sure that they are as I’m still so very hungry amongst other things. To be fair, that has all rather paled into insignificance given my glands are still swollen despite being on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. This is why I’m worried. I think the vet is going to say she needs to take a biopsy to send off to the lab for analysis to see if we can find out what is going on. As you can imagine, given that one of the options would be lymphoma, I’m a worried dog. Our Mistress says I seem to be sleeping more deeply, but she thinks that is partly because I am so stressed for a lot of the time that I’m wearing myself out. I seem to be drinking quite a lot too, but that may not be connected. Wilma and our Mistress are both doing their best to look after me. Even Ari is accepting being on a lead in the house quite a lot of the time so that he doesn’t bother me. Shadow is just Shadow. She sits in her room watching the world go by and alerting us to any exciting action.

Our Mistress has been told about a tv programme that is looking for people who are passionate about their dogs. You can guess the next bit. She’s sent an email to introduce herself and will see if anything happens. Wilma is getting excited already because our Mistress has said that if anything comes of it then she will take Wilma. They love working together the two of them. I think over the years they are going to make a good team.

IMG_3023Wilma has been learning about farming. She has been fascinated watching the work in the fields now that spring is here. She has been through the excitement of them much spreading and joined in as best she could by eating some. Now she fascinated by watching them ploughing the fields. She could have stood and watched for ages if our Mistress had not insisted they carry on.

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  1. I hope all goes well for you at the vet Alfie. I will be thinking of you. Sending you lots of hugs. xx

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